Chafer Grub Treatment


100M2 Treatment

Kills Chafer grubs.



Chafer Bug larvae can cause devastating damage to lawns. Chafer Grub larvae are white grubs with a brown head, not unlike Vine Weevil grubs but with distinct pairs of legs at the front end.

The Chafer Grubs are 2cm beetles which hatch into flying adults in mid-May. Chafer Grub adults lay eggs in June which turn into more Chafer Grubs in July to eat grass roots until October. Then Chafer Grubs dig deeper into the soil over winter until May before Chafer Grub surface to fly, mate and lay eggs again.

Adult Chafers do little damage, but the grubs eat avidly during July to October, severing the grass from its roots leaving tufts and patches which turn brown in the hot weather, generally in August/September.

Slugs eat leaves, stems and roots of plants, weakening them and often causing them to die. They leave slimy trails over plants and soil, and are particularly devastating to seedlings and cuttings. Slugs leave their own individual scent trails so they can find their way home.

We also have treatments for Red Spider Mite and Aphids (Greenfly, Whitefly). Please ask for more details.
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Directions For Use

Directions For Use

Apply during August to September when the young grub larvae are active.

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