Ants Treatment


Available in 12m2  & 50M2 Treatments

Kills ants.

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Ant nematodes – Ants nests in lawns and borders can be a real problem!! Tackle them by watering our ‘No Ants’ ant nematodes directly into the nests. ‘No Ants’ controls ants of all colours (including red ones) in lawns and borders. It comes as a harmless powder and is totally safe for children, pets and wildlife and the lawn can be used directly after use. ‘No Ants’ should be applied when the soil temp is 10c and ants are present i.e. anytime between April – Sept.

Nematodes are natural organisms, already present in our soil. They are not pests but prey on garden pests giving us NATURAL garden pest controls, that are environmentally friendly.

In addition to supporting a number of other local organisations, we are particularly proud to be one of the sponsors of Bournemouth In Bloom and are looking forward to contributing to the work they are doing so well, maintaining our beautiful town.
Directions For Use

Directions For Use

Simply mix the powder with water and pour directly into the nests using a watering can.

We recommend pre-watering the nests to allow the nematodes to soak in. The packet will keep unopened for up to 2 weeks in a fridge and should be used in one go once opened. As our ‘No Ants’ is a cure rather than a preventative measure, apply the nematodes when the ants are present.

Simply repeat as often as is needed to keep the area free of ants – it is impossible to overdose and it is totally safe to use near food crops.

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