Screened Top Soil


25 Kg Sack

Screened low PH medium loam to produce high quality top soil.

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Our general-purpose medium loam is a good quality, free draining soil with a high humus content. It has been screened and sifted, and is therefore free of any rocks or large clods of earth. Perfect for plant growth. Contains no added nutrients or chemical treatments, thus is suitable for organic gardens.

Ideal for:-

  • Adding to borders and beds to raise soil levels
  • Filling in holes or damaged areas on lawns
  • Filling and levelling dips on lawns
  • To add to coir based composts
  • For any Landscaping purposes
  • And many more
  • Recycled from natural soil used for food production
  • SAFE, certified as low in PTE’s (Potentially Toxic Elements)
  • Fine soil particles make it friable and easy to work with rake or shovel
  • Highly fertile making it an excellent medium for early development of grass roots and all general planting
  • Minimal stone content
  • Analysed to British Standard 3882
  • Stored under cover so it will be workable when delivered
  • Free of sharps such as glass and plastic
In addition to supporting a number of other local organisations, we are particularly proud to be one of the sponsors of Bournemouth In Bloom and are looking forward to contributing to the work they are doing so well, maintaining our beautiful town.


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