PM 50 Quality Lawn Seed


1Kg Bag (covers 20 square metres – use 50g per square metre).

Highest quality all-purpose lawn seed.

  • Fine in appearance and hard wearing with excellent colour.
  • A shade tolerant, low maintenance turf, with good disease resistance.
  • A very successful mixture creating a high quality and durable turf.
In addition to supporting a number of other local organisations, we are particularly proud to be one of the sponsors of Bournemouth In Bloom and are looking forward to contributing to the work they are doing so well, maintaining our beautiful town.
Directions For Use

Directions For Use

Seeding a New Lawn
1. Dig or till to a 3-inch depth.
2. Rake to remove clumps and clods.
3. Smooth and level the surface.
4. Add compost, topsoil and fertilizer and work them into the soil.
5. Roll with a weighted lawn roller.
6. Spread the seed. To ensure even coverage, sow half of the seed in one direction and the other half at a right angle.
7. Rake and roll again.
8. Water frequently to keep the seeds moist (don’t saturate). Cut watering back to once a day when the grass reaches about 1 inch in height.
9. Mow when the grass reaches 2 1/2 inches – 3 inches.
10. After it’s been mowed three times, use a regular watering schedule of 1 inch per week.

Overseeding an Existing Lawn
To fill out an otherwise healthy lawn or to add extra green for the winter months, you can overseed:
1. Mow lower than usual.
2. Dethatch if needed or rake to thin the existing turf.
3. Aerate to reduce soil compaction.
4. Apply seed.
5. Top-dress with lawn dressing or screened compost.
6. Rake or brush in loosely.

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