June Gardening Tips

June is a great time to plant strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Summer bedding can be planted out in your borders this month.

Follow the usual planting rules, remembering that many bedding plants only have small root systems and very likely to dry out in hot weather.

After your vegetable garden is well established, it is best to water it thoroughly once a week rather than giving it a light watering everyday. That way, a deeper root system is encouraged to develop, which will later help the plants tolerate dry weather.

Grow extra basil in pots to attract any white fly in the greenhouse. When well covered with the pest remove and dump the plant. They prefer basil to tomatoes.

The outdoor entertaining season is now upon us, with this in mind there is now a huge range of solar lighting available to give your patio that added touch. Using these lights helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Aerating your lawn will enable it to take up moisture as well as improving drainage, so if you didn’t do it earlier in the year it\’s worth doing now. However, don’t do it in really dry conditions, it is best done after rain.

The best time to pick flowers from your garden is in the early morning. For longer lasting arrangements, use a clean container, change your water daily and cut the tip off the stems every few days.

Wildlife Tips

Bats can be an effective way to control insects. One big brown bat can eat 3,000 to 7,000 insects each night. Attract bats by building and placing bat houses in your yard.

Rake out algae from the pond and leave it on the side of the water for creatures to move back.

Provide extra food for birds and also hedgehogs. The dry weather can reduce the amount of food available for these animals. Hedgehogs would benefit from some pet food and water during the dry weather. Replenish the water bowl regularly.

Hang a bird feeder near to your roses to encourage birds to feed on aphids.
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